Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Newlywed Me

Newlyweds for 25 days now!  Life is looking good right now.  

Sadly I got sick four days before the wedding and on the day of, I was constantly shoving cough drops in my mouth to avoid a coughing fit.  2 days after my Big, Fat Wedding, I got even more sick and finally caved in into going to the Urgent Care.

Surprise, surprise, I have a fever of 101.9F  I had some bad chills and it took so much energy to walk.  After 30 mins of waiting on the MD to see me, the RN got concerned and took my temp again- 102.9F  MD didnt take too much longer after that to come see me.

End result: suspected West Nile Fever vs. New Onset Asthma and Pneumonia

Awesome.  A great way to start a marriage right?  Needless to say I spent a week in bed.  I was supposed to start work 11 days after the wedding but I have to wait for my temporary Texas RN license to come in since my CA license isn't acceptable to work under here, even on a provisional basis.  Getting all this work stuff sorted has been an utter pain in the ass.  Took me 4 trips to the DMV before I finally was able to switch license -_-

In the meantime, Jabs and I have been lucky to have the place to ourselves during the day and really spend quality time together, which is so nice for many reasons:

  • We will be living with my in-laws, who are currently out of the country 
  • No honeymoon for us right now
  • We're both not working at this time- which hopefully never happens again to us
  • Gives us an opportunity to settle in and get to know one another well
Anyways, I am feeling much better and have gotten my voice back but a cough still lingers.  However, my spirit stays strong.

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  1. My friend my friend - yes I still read this ;)